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So…I’m teaching a makeup class to a group of girls grades 5th-8th. We’ve been doing everything from skin care to natural, homemade products and treatments to natural makeup. This week was FANTASY WEEK, and I’ve done 2 live demos for them. Last week I did a Queen of Hearts quick and easy look and showed them how to hide their natural brows in order to draw in more exaggerated ones. Today’s look was all about the sea, and more specifically our favorite creatures, mermaids. I took inspiration from various pictures, tutorials, and also threw in my own creative spin. Spirit gum was the STAR of this look as NOTHING would’ve stayed on without it. I have on real small seashells, pear notions for bubbles, green glitter sea grass (I was going to add a LOT more, but I only had under an HOUR to do this WHOLE look), purple glitter for a scale effect, and some AWESOME dramatic eyelashes. OH - and let’s not forget my Jellyfish friend and my Starfish hair accessories (the small brown sugar starfish clip was made by me and the large white one was made by a friend who is closing down her shop. SO SAD)! Anywho…hope you guys like my look! I thought I would share. And yes, I actually had to go to class AFTER teaching with this whole thing on. Frankly, I’m okay with it. It was quite fun. ;)